Ventilation / Dehumidifying / Evaporative Cooling


Mechanical Ventilation

There are several ways to ventilate and filter the air in one room and one of them is the ventilation system with heat recovery. This system renders a building or house more energetically efficient by switching heat between the saturated air and the intake air, setting the new air at a temperature very close to the air withdrawn and avoiding discomfort.
A good mechanical ventilation system gives you good air quality and a healthy environment, and it has also the ability to control the humidity levels in the air.


The dehumidifying systems can have domestic or industrial use.
This kind of equipment allows reducing and controlling the levels of humidity in the air, avoiding the problems caused by excess of air humidity. The most common problems caused by excess of air humidity are fungi and bad odour. The correct control of humidity levels avoids the spreading of bacteria and bad odours, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment

Evaporative Cooling

The Evaporative cooling systems through micro droplets of water has multiple applications and they allow you to control air humidity and temperature and to reduce dust particles in suspension, increasing air quality.