Solar Systems


Thermal Solar System

The Thermal Solar Systems are used to heat domestic water, and they can also be connected to central heating systems and swimming pool heating, which allows to use using an endless source of natural energy that is the Sun.
We find the best solution for single houses or condominiums, commerce and services, or hotels.
This is the simplest way to heat water for your house or business, reducing your energy bill up to 80%.

There are two kinds of thermal solar systems:

Thermosiphon Solar System
It consists of 1 or 2 collectors, fixation structure, connection accessories and tank, all in on product. We have a wide range of devices suited for each house, with installation in flat or inclined roofs, with a capacity from 120lts to 300lts.
Take advantage of the Sun. Portugal, and particularly the Algarve, have excellent conditions to obtain a high performance form these solutions.
Forced Solar System
It consists of several collectors, fixation structure, hydraulic group with controller, accessories and tank. This system is characterized by having a separate tank in the attic, basement or technical room, managed by the controller that provides all the information about the system’s performance and manages the way it works.

Photovoltaic Solar System

This is a solution that consists of solar panels that receive solar energy and convert it into electricity, allowing its use in your own house or business, or to sell it to your energy supplier.
These systems consist of solar panels, fixation structure, charge regulator, batteries, invertor and electrical wires.

Self-Consumption Systems

According to the Law 154/2014 of 20 October, which regulates the self-consumption from photovoltaic systems, did you know that you do not need to register annual production up until 1500W?
At Termocelsius we prepare systems that go up to 1500W so you can produce your own energy.
Feed your appliances and devices instantly during the day, in case there is no solar production the system gets electricity from the public electricity supply.
For self-consumption systems over the 1500W, it will be needed to register, but don’t worry, that is our job.
Over 1500W, you can produce more and sell the excess to your electricity supplier.

Isolated Production Systems

An isolated photovoltaic system produces electricity without being connected to the public supplier. It requires the storage of the generated energy in solar batteries or storage batteries, which allow using that energy for 24 hours.
An autonomous solar energy supply, independent from the public supplier is the best choice in regions where it is not possible to have a connection to the public electricity supplier, especially in remote rural areas.
Installing an isolated photovoltaic system must be studied considering these five factors:
Required connection load
Energy consumption
Type of consumption (direct, alternate, single-phase, three-phase current, etc.)
Period of usage
Location and climate.
Regarding industrial or commercial activities, that have high levels of consumption, can you imagine how much you might save?