Heat Recovery Systems / Fireplaces


Heat Recovery Systems

Our range of heat recovery systems is reliable, efficient, elegant and easy to use.
We adapt the device to the location’s unique characteristics, to find the perfect solution for those who want a high performance system to enjoy an unique ambiance conveyed by the relaxing fire.

Firewood Heat Recovery Systems

Air heat recovery systems are ideal for those who already have a fireplace and want to remodel it or make it more efficient and economical.
With a minimalist or a bold design, we have devices with many different characteristics:
Automatic adjustment for your comfort through a thermostat
Silent and with adjustable velocity fan
Minimalist installation or without rim
Stainless steel, black, grey or in any other colour rims
Different inner lining;
Operation with open or closed door
Double-face models
Over-heating safety
All-glass panel.
The final result?
Elegant heat recovery fireplaces that combine comfortable heating with the aesthetic pleasure of a new room.

Pellets Heat Recovery Systems

The wood pellets systems, combine all the economic and environmental advantages of using biomass, with the needs of everyday life.
Enjoy the pleasure of a sparkling flame with maximum comfort. It is extremely easy to use, with an automatic firing system that does not need firelighters and with an incorporated thermostat which allows setting the day and timing to start and stop.
The remote control option allows you to set the power output and temperature from the comfort of your sofa, checking it on the monitor.
With different power settings and dimensions, these solutions are a decorative element in spacious rooms, hallways or even in small rooms with limited space.
For those without a lot of room and availability for storage and replacement firewood, the pellets system can run for several days using only one charge.
Regarding heating, the pellets system is one of the cheapest alternatives at the moment.