About us

About Us

Termocelsius is a certified company that specializes in installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems and renewable energies.
Established in 2003, Termocelsius has more than 20 years of experience in the national market, and we have technicians with a thorough knowledge of the equipment so we can offer you the best solutions on the market.
Over the years, our company has been building a strong position in the market in a sustained manner, using the acquired experience, whether in domestic solutions or in large industrial areas, so we can meet current market needs and our client’s requirements.
We value equipment quality and technical expertise by establishing partnerships with the main brands in the industry, we encourage the integration of diverse solutions that offer energy efficiency and great cost reductions and we place great value in post-sale service, our key to success.
Termocelsius has a clear in attracting new clients and creating customer loyalty through our products and services. this additional professional recognition comes from quality service and customer satisfaction.

How do we work

We believe in successful partnerships as a way of building a better future for our clients and for their well-being. We have the courage to innovate, presenting you with the best concepts, ideas and goals.
We want to be among the best in our industry, and to do so we rely on a concept of proximity and simplicity, where our clients issues are challenges for us to overcome.
We are aware of the highly competitive market demands, so we are committed to constantly modernizing our company, both regarding the services we provide our clients and by updating our employees skills.

Our values

Termocelsius faces its activity with environmental responsibility. Identifying itself with the global efforts to protect the environment, fostering and implementing the best environmental practices.
Our performance is guided by disciplined and objective procedures that make each sale a clear and ethical relationship, enhancing our clients trust and loyalty. We keep up with the technological evolution and we are constantly looking for new products and solutions to provide our clients with the most recent offers on the market.
With a diverse offer of services in air conditioning and renewable energies together with a flexible structure, customers have at Termocelsius the great of enjoying a whole range of benefits in a single company, simplifying all procedures.