Boilers / Heat Pumps

There are several options when it comes to choosing centralized equipment for heating, and nowadays they present levels of economy and heating and cooling efficiency much higher than the systems and equipment manufactured just a few years ago.
When looking to buy , clients find many options, and they must consider the best choice, facing a complex situation- the most economical equipment is not usually the best choice. To make your decision easier, you can count on our experience and knowledge to help you choose the equipment that fits your user profile and that is more viable for your situation.


The wall hung or Floor standing Boilers with condensation technology heating from combustion gases are equipment that uses as fuel gas or diesel , they are usually installed indoors, in the house or in a technical room for the effect, and they are an option for those who do not intend to make a large investment in heat equipment.
Condensation boilers have very high efficiency levels when compared with the conventional boilers. This equipment can be used to heat domestic hot water, to produce heat for the air conditioning system and it can be used as a complement to a thermal solar system.

Heat Pump

The Heat Pump is an equipment that transfers energy from the air to water or another fluid.
There are High and Low Temperature Heat Pumps, and they must be chosen according to the thermal distribution equipment to be used.
This equipment offers the possibility to be connected to an independent heating or cooling system , and it can also use the same thermal distribution system for heating or cooling and to heat sanitary water.
It is currently one of the most efficient equipment in the market.

Hybrid Systems

These are systems for heat production that combine several forms of energy, by permanently calculating the running cost and efficiency of each one of the energies, it chooses to run the most economically efficient equipment, so that the running cost of the equipment is the lowest possible.