Swimming Pool Heating

There are several ways to heat a swimming pool, whether is in located indoors or outdoors. The several existing systems allow heating a swimming pool throughout the whole year with a relatively low cost.
Thermal Solar Systems and Heat Pumps are the most used equipment in swimming pool heating.
To avoid energy losses through the swimming pool surface should be covered, whenever it is possible.

Solar energy heating
In accordance with the swimming pool dimensions, the solar system allows to heat the water during the hours of higher solar radiation, which is usually the period of use, most commonly from April to September. To avoid energy losses through the swimming pool’s surface, a cover must me placed, saving energy and making it possible to use during the night.
Consider this a safe bet, solar energy is an investment with guaranteed return. What you are going to save in energy is enough to pay off your investment in 4 to 5 years.

Heat Pump Heating
Heat pumps are an excellent option to heat your swimming pool, currently offering very high levels of efficiency.
Their operation is based on capturing the heat from the environment and transmitting it to the water.
With the option to install a heat pump to heat your swimming pool, you can enjoy it all year round.