Central Heating

When producing centralized heat to warm up a house, we must consider a thermal distribution means adapted to the project and suitable for each one of the spaces, so we can have high efficiency level distribution, taking into consideration the aesthetic value and the type of use of each room in the house.
That distribution can be done in several ways:

Water underfloor heating

The Radiant Floor is an ‘invisible’ air conditioning system consisting of a network of pipelines network installed under the ceramic tile floor or other type of floor, allowing freedom in the decoration of the air-conditioned space decorating the room as you wish.
Water underfloor heating is considered the heating system that provides greater comfort and convenience since it distributes the heat in a natural and even manner, allowing to the individual setting of the temperature in each room.
This system can be used in the cooling mode, and it is possible to maximise its effect with radiant ceilings.

Electrical radiant floor

The Electrical Radiant Floor Heating System is performed using electric resistances under the floor.
This system has lower installation costs than the hydronic radiant floor and allows a high comfort level, it is easy to install and adapt and it is often used in areas of remodelling. However, it has a higher running cost compared with the other air conditioning systems.


Aluminum or cast iron radiators are the equipment used in central heating that can have an individual adjustments in each room.
Radiators can come in many shapes and colours and have a classical or modern and innovative design.
The heating devices emanate the heat by convection or radiation, which allows comfortable temperatures to be reached in the room quickly.
This equipment is a more economical solution regarding installation than a hydronic radiant floor, but it is less efficient and less comfortable than underfloor heating system.

Fan Coils
The Fan coils are very versatile and they are used for heating and cooling rooms. They come with modern or more sober aesthetics, and they can be installed on the wall close to the ground or on the ceiling, they can also be mounted into a wall or into a suspended ceiling, allowing a better decoration of the room.
They also have an air filtering system.